How to get ready and plan your next trip

Well, first thing is to decide what’s the purpose of your visit, are you looking for a shopping trip or is all about adventure. After making your mind try to decide which country->city will be chosen, and then I can see 2 practical options:

  1. Studying and knowing everything possible about your destination, and that means everything, every detail can help, meaning that flexibility is not an option.
  2. Spontaneous, not planning a thing, arrive and decide, go with the flow, that’s mean you will expect wasting time and mistakes, and should be ready for it.

I always like to think that our plans never come true in 💯%, yet we should be aware of something, like transportation and so, so mixing is the best, and of course having fun and positive energy is the best, embracing our mistakes could make the difference and excepting ourselves is the best thing we can ask for, not only for traveling but also for life.

Thanks 😎❤️

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