Australia 🇦🇺- traveling Solo

I always have been dreaming about visiting Australia, didn’t have anything in particular in my mind, just wanted to visit and explore, so I saw an opportunity and I took it. As long as I can fulfill my dream it’s fine by me, even if it’s just for 29 days( needed 48 hours traveling- home- Hong Kong- Sydney & Sydney- Hong Kong- home). And it was amazing, to realize that I got it in my, all I needed is to believe, met really good people & made some friends. The people were lovely and thoughtful. Dived, zipped line & had as many attractions as possible- animals is Australia treasure!! I was amazed and in love 😍: koala, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Turtles, quokka, birds and more, missed few, but I must come back, there is much to see, as someone said- you need a life time for it!. I didn’t plan my trip to the details, knew where I wanted to go, but didn’t book anything in advance, and sometimes it costs me lots of money 💰. Yet I saw as part of my adventure and it’s a lesson must be taught.


A city of everything, full of lovely people, lots of cultures, colorful. Diversity is the main key here. When you land you meet immigration police they are pretty cool considering, after you’re ✅ ( didn’t have anything to declare), I started my journey, and felt like a child( Peter pen any one?) , landed in the evening and needed the help of google maps to get to my hotel (Rydges Sydney) it’s close to the central station and for me it was perfect, took the train from the airport (T2) and got off at Central ( bought Opal- best for traveling all over including Ferry, buses and trains and tram- public transportation), walked a 600m and got to the hotel, the check in was quick and great. I stayed there for 5 nights, took me a while to understand their environmental thing, tried to help as much as possible- you gain 10$ every night/ day you don’t use their cleaning service- to use them to take things from the mini bar( didn’t understand it, so they gave me a options to have a drink 🥃). I love walking so I did, this is my way to explore the city and get all over, Opera house was my first stop ( it’s famous after all), bridge and rocks and botanic garden, next day decided to use my Couch surfing and explore with fellow travelers, met Aron & Audrey at Bondi beach, they are traffic. Had a good connection with Audrey and the next day we went to the Blue mountain with an Australian family ( Audrey’s friends) it was awesome, we went hiking and exploring the water falls, and when you go down you must come up eventually and that was challenging for me! Stairs are not my friend, especially when I need to go up in a mountain, it was funny but I mad it!

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