New Zealand 🇳🇿 in 5 days

Getting here was the best decision I made. Been driven to this place for years and now finally succeeded. It’s not cheap yet worth it! As a fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit there’s no way I can miss it, especially when I’m extremely close.

Day1: Auckland

Stepping in Auckland Airport got me the feeling I was looking for. It’s a bit weird that in order to get to the city there’s one bus and it’s 👀 kinda private, and I should have realized it before that cheap and New Zealand shouldn’t be used in the same sentence 😂. The city for parts seems like the wild Wild West, and the further you get into the center you realize the beauty and that you’re on Island ( keep forgetting it). Walking felt like working out, especially since I carried my backpack all the way up( hills). Had a great burger at Francis’s – go and visit it’s in Takapuna- very lovely place

Day 2 – mountain Rangitoto

A friend advised me to go there and see the view of the city, so I was supposed to take the 9:30 ferry, yet it was full and the asked for volunteers to go to Auckland and take the 10:30 ferry, didn’t have any special plans so I volunteered. Got to the Island at 11 and started my clamp, at the beginning it was pretty good but I mad a mistake and had the wrong pear of socks and that was a killer, so I stopped and changed it in order to make sure I’m not hurting myself and not stopping. Then it was going up in 45 angle going to 60… I’m sure it was like that but sure felt this way, at the end I am going to clamp to 280 height, it’s not that heigh for clampers that used to it, but me I had to be in shape to clamp and going up the stairs ( not my best), so I had lots of breaks and after 1:20 I made it up there and it was so good! What a relief 😅, now going down and seeing the volcano caves and that was a great as well, just realizing how lucky I am. At 14:30 took the ferry back when realizing that there is no limit when you set your mind!

Day 3: Rotorua

Woke up early on Sunday and decided to go to Rotorua, looked for it in google map – almost lost my ride because of it, happily managed to hop on the bus to Auckland and then to take City In bus to Rotorua ( 40$) 4 hours great view if you’re awake. On the way found me a cheap hostel to stay in, get it for 34$ a room for 4 people for one night, but ended up staying by myself yaaay. Went to Rotorua so I can experience the Maori life, it was good experience, very inspiring, made me miss the old life before technology kicked in.

Day 4: Hobbiton movie set and Waitomo caves

Took the Hobbiton bus from Rotorua, it was hour and half drive with lovely people. Been dreaming about it for so long, and finally it happened, it was magical, I wish they were here, got a ginger beer( will leave the rest for the photos). From their through Rotorua went to Waitomo, 2 hours drive, just to realize that the floods prevented me from entering the caves, yet helped me to find out more about what I should do, so needed to stay the night, kiwi backpackers- cool not more, the next morning went to the black rafting to start rafting ( didn’t read the instructions and forgot all about towel), was one of the best experiences I had!, freezing water yet saw the glowing caves and felt awesome, I trusted people I never met before and it’s great feeling.

Day 5: Auckland

Went exploring Eden mountain and the museum- should say it’s one of the best cities to keep you in shape.

So leave everything and go traveling, New Zealand looks like the best place to start in!

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