The best of Iceland

Fantastic island with lots if options, nature at his best, unique and special – welcome to Iceland, the land of ice, fire and ocean 🇮🇸.

The minute I decided to go to Iceland I knew there is a lot to see, and usually I got me a week off work, so had to plane it carefully. After doing some research I knew what I wanted to see ( everything 😂) so I rented a car, landed at the the airport, and started my journey with a big smiles.

Iceland is built in the best way possible, gives you the chance to see it all, it’s so welcoming, so accepting and so calm.

First stop | blue lagoon- because you have to

You might think it’s a bit overrated and expensive, yet for me it was something I wanted to see and feel. It did well to my body after the long hours I’ve been working.Next headed to Reykjavík just to stay the night, pick up my friend from Couch surfing, and we went into our adventure, first decision to make was weather to go South or North, and we ended up chasing the sun! And it was best decision ever. Going South | golden circle.

Second stop | golden circle

Waterfalls, Geyser and beauty where everywhere, just to be out there and enjoy it. We ended this day with having fun at the hot river.

Third stop | south coast

And now let’s live the moment and enjoy more of Iceland extraordinary and powerful waterfalls, yo be able to witness it makes me feel alive and free, this nature is out there just to be explored, and my journey to meet a puffin started here, it’s a unique bird to me to see.

Forth stop | Glaciers and Icebergs

Coming from a very warm place, made me go crazy to see this magnificent view, and here I come to meet puffins and seals in nature, to be able to watch the beauty of hunting.

Fifth stop | diamond beach

Iceberg crackers and land on the beach, from being amazed from iceberg and glacier and haven’t noticed that on the other side is a very well beach, being separated by a bridge between the 2 contents. Iceberg cracks into small pieces of ice and land on the beach making it look stunning.

John snow cave

The known cave from the episode got is outstanding. The water is warm, no swimming is allowed, yet witnessing it and being there makes you appreciate the little things, one of the traveler just said it’s the perfect spot to propose;)

More waterfalls and landscapes

The more you go up north, the more you realize how much this island offers, all this controversy in one place, fire, ice, ocean, birds, horses and lot more. And you can only wonder how did I missed it so far.

Horses, sheeps, birds

It seems that there are more animals in Iceland than people. Having a day light 24, makes go a bit crazy, sleeping during day, having lunch during night. Would be interesting just to learn more about it, to see if there actually an influence on the animals or it just looks like it

To nature lovers Iceland is the best, road num 1 will take you everywhere and will make your journey possible and quite peaceful. Visit Iceland because you care and because nature is valuable.

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