5 things that can make your traveling to Iceland cheaper

Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and that after having a big crisis few years ago. So how can a budget traveler manage?

Here are 5 things that can make your trip to Iceland cheaper

1. Camping ⛺️

In the summer the weather is pretty much good for Iceland, a bit cold at night but it’s doable. Having a tent and sleeping bag will give you the opportunity to sleep in one of the best places ever with the best view, and it will probably cost you between 9€-15€ depending on the location, and notice that in the traveling season ( June – August) you will need to book it in advance. Here are few apps and sites that can help with that:



2. Bónus- enjoy your food

You can find it all over Iceland, mainly in the cities. You can buy all the food you need for your traveling period. It’s mostly the best prices you can have. Just follow the opening hours.

This way you make sure you got the best food for everyone .


Bónus pic

3. Couch surfing

Meet your fellow travelers, local and make friends. Couch surfing app will allow you to find your hosts, events and enjoy the company of others. This way you will make sure that it’s not going to be an exciting, just make sure that you read all the references of each traveler.

Couch surfing.

4. hitchhiking

Lots of people from all over the world are traveling and will be more than happy to give you a ride. In Iceland there is one highway that crosses all the island (road number 1) and for that you are given the opportunity to hitchhike and meet new friends and friendly people.

So dress up, be out there and you will find your rides.It could take a while, just be calm and patient.

Don’t forget to smile and to be kind and enjoy.

5.Book your flight

To book the best price and best flights, you will need to decide when you would like to travel- summer or winter. The minute you figured it out, the easy part is to book the flight,

  • When you search for your flight do it while being incognito- the best way to prevent all of the sites from sending their cookies and raising the prices.

  • Search at least a month before traveling, the best time is it to book it 3-4 month in advance.

  • Make sure to check the duration and transit time- I always try to avoid a long layovers unless it was my intention.

Best sites and apps I use are:

Google Skyscannerkayak

and then check if you can book it through the airlines site, sometimes you can get a great deal.

So, having all this knowledge with you, you are set to go and travel the world. And the most important part is to enjoy it. Planning and knowing your most os the steps even if it’s not planned to cover all the details, it will give you the opportunity to go ahead, set your cameras and share your adventure- you’re up to it.

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