Here are 5 things that will keep you motivated

When you are given the opportunity to witness a mouse running on the wheel, you wonder where he gets he’s motivation to keep so. Counting 5 things that will keep you up to it

1. Find your passion

it’s not a cliche that the moment we find our passion is the moment we’re almost motivated for life. It will keep us fighting and will pull us when needed.

My passion by the way is to create, tab here if you’re interested

2. Make peace within yourself

our need to exist in a competitive world is getting us exhausted and therefore we’re doing our best to avoid it instead of just keep calm and embrace it. I guess when haven’t been taught that it’s an option, our need to express our feelings and engage with our surroundings and being cool about it and learn from it.

So go ahead express your feelings but remember eventually to keep calm and remind yourself that every experience is something to learn from.

3. Workout

Get rid of all negativity, get healthy and in shape.

It will make you more happy and therefore more motivated to do more.

4. Listening to good music/ inspiring stories

There’s a lot of inspiring people all over, playing music and sharing their stories. It will give you the feeling you’re not alone and that most of us will have mutual experiences so we might learn from others how to deal with things.

5. be brave

Fear is part of us and yes it does seems to have some control over us, yet for me it usually means that I’m on the right path and should proceed with all the fear out there, take risks try new things. Just go out there.

So basically all we need in order to keep moving and be motivated is to listen to our inner voice, take risks and just enjoy our time on the planet.

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