How Did I Manage To Travel Solo?

In recent years traveling became more affordable and accessible to many of us. Therefore, the next journey and destination seems to be always on our minds. At least on mine. To travel a lot and alone requires a lot of courage and flexibility. So, is traveling solo for you?

I came to the conclusion that I should get on my first solo adventure after I wasn’t able to travel for a whole year.  I have tried at least four times to plan trips with different friends and each time there were different reasons or excuses to why we should postpone the trip. This has happened so many times until eventually I got to wonder; why wait for others when I can travel on my own?

First step – gather information as much as possible. I researched all over: google, Facebook ,  you name it I searched it.

Second step – join travel groups and start engaging with the members and fellow solo travelers. Ask questions, my favorite ones are:

  • How did they do it?
  • What was their first destination?
  • How did they overcome fear of traveling alone?
  • Did they enjoy it? Did they get bored or felt lonely?

If you are considering traveling alone, I would advise you to keep asking questions until you get answers you need to feel encouraged and safe. Consulting others is extremely important since it would drive more confidence in you, and the more confident you are the bigger the chances for you to actually book a flight and manifest your dream.

For me, frustration and disappointment from others were the motive that drove me towards my two years of solo traveling. I made a promise to myself that nothing will stop me from achieving what is faithfully mine and I claimed it.

So, whatever is driving you towards your adventure just don’t give up and keep on going. With the right planning and positive energy, you will never regret it. I’m excited for you to find yourself around the globe. There is a lot to discover inside and out.

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