5 Things You Should Know about the Generation That Is and Will Set the Tone

Not sure where to begin, but lately all I can think about is the need or should I say the change we are witnessing or being part of that is making sure that the millennial’s generation will be in control in few years.

When you are part of generation that is being blamed most of the time of laziness and at the same time of different thinking it gets you to wonder How come our generation gets all this attention?

Or is it something that happens to every generation?

Well, I will try to share 5 of my thoughts with you about it

  1. Who I am?

It could be just me, but I’m pretty sure that my generation are not sure what they want or what they desires for. We might know what we want to avoid, but not what we want the most, and that keeps us for sure in a circle of searching, endless loop and giving the info that we’re a lazy generation, and to be frank I’m not sure if the search will ever end.

  1. The Search for Purpose

We grow up believing that we are here for a purpose, not just to work/ go to school/ follow some friends on social media. We are here because we were meant to be here

There’s a reason for that.

And living with this feeling will drive you nuts, searching for something you’re not sure that exists or how to find it, it will make you frustrated and, in some cases, will end up depressed.

Yet, don’t give up keep believing in yourself and don’t stop listening to your inner voice and keep your intuition alive and it will guide you to the right path.

  1. Workplace

It seems that companies, firms and small business haven’t adjusted yet to this generation

(Obviously, we are not talking about Google, Facebook etc.)

Others haven’t realized that my generation are looking for a constant challenge, can’t stop searching for the need to keep going and be part of everything and to have the power to make a difference (read the previous ….).

so, in my opinion companies will need to start treating their employees as “athletes” or “talents” that worth keeping and fighting for, since it’s going to be hard to keep the best with you.

Every employer should ask himself “what are you planning to do in order to keep your best employees?”

  1. The new role models

Have you noticed that our new role models are football players, reality celebrities and

influencers? And they are the one to set our path?

It could be weird and mysterious in a way, and it does not send the best message for those who are out there, that you might not achieve your goals and dreams with hard work, and with just thinking about it and being positive, and it’s not correct, you will need to work hard and do more.

so, it’s up to us to figure out how to highlight the best of it and maybe try to make a difference from the new role models

  1. Never give up

No matter how hard it seems, this generation has branded him self as one that will not give up, a generation that will keep believing and will keep going until he gets what he wants.

So, for a generation that is looking for a short cut to achieve more with minimum efforts, and yet to be one of the most promising generation you might be surprised but remember it’s a generation that is ready to give everything in order to get what he wants.


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