How social media affect our traveling ?

When I was a child all I could care about was enjoying my time and going on adventure.

So far haven’t lost my passion for adventure and enjoying while traveling.😅

2007 our lives have changed: Facebook, something new and nobody knew how will it affect us. It have started with good cause as it seems, to bring people together from different countries and I’m thankful for it, since it made my life easier to get to know about the country I’m visiting and to hear from first hand about people own experiences and the value of that is beyond major.

So, why am I wondering about our traveling with social media, mainly because I find my self struggling how to avoid what become a must in every trip I make, will try to put 2 things in favor social media and to against:

  1. We care more about the photo we’re about to upload more than realizing what we’re seeing. It seems sometimes that all we care about is how will our friends (on social media) will react to this photo, and they will want to know more about the it, and nobody seems to care or want to hear about your trip.2. It seems that we will do everything for a selfie with wild animals, even if the signs say you should avoid that and all the staff in the habitat/ park will kindly ask you not to take any selfie 🤳 or use any sticks, tripods or drones. In our minds we have to have this photo it will make the difference, it might go viral specifically if the animal made any contact.3. It’s the new guide – for every city in the world (I’m pretty sure, haven’t checked yet) there’s a page on Facebook with people more than ready to share their own stories and experiences, to answer all of your questions and to give you some advises.
  • 4. Meeting the locals and some fellow travelers, posting about your upcoming trip will make you engage with others, team up and explore together. It’s not a must but it could be nice sometimes.

Well, eventually I’m still struggling with the need to take pictures (200-300 a day), but I ditched the selfie and see no reason any more for it and after being at the snow monkey habitat and being annoyed 😒 by people behavior I decided to ditch the Nara park – I think countries, cities should start looking for people behavior using social media to raise awareness of behaving among animals or other fellow travelers. We should care more about our planet.

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