Inspiration by Baden Baden to write a Fairytale

Traveling Baden Baden will give you the sense of some fairytale or a bit of Harry Potter’s adventure.

Wondering how can I write the next fairytale or a book of adventure (or maybe a blog 😅). 4 steps that will help you achieve it.

  • 1. Imagination

  • Set yourself free and write the story of your own by the gaudiness of nature, all you need afterwards is to upgrade it a bit with imagination.
  • 2. Listen to your surroundings

  • By listening to sound around you, you will be able to hear the birds, river and even people. Set your heart into that too and it will write down the melody needed.
  • 3. Choose your hero and villain

  • In each story we have a fight between good and bad, and in some way the good can be bad and the bad can be good, it depends on the angle of the tellers. So, look around you and choose which one will be the hero and which will be the villain.
  • 4. Enjoy the story in your mind

  • write the story you had in your mind and see your vision and then read it out loud to yourself and enjoy every aspect of it.
  • So, go on to Baden-Baden and witness magic that is out there waiting for you to acknowledge. Everywhere you visit there’s a story waiting to be heard.

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