How to use low-cost for your benefit ?

We all often dream about traveling the world, yet most of us have no money for luxury trips but opportunities to travel almost anywhere are just waiting for you so how you do it:

  • 1. When traveling in summer or to a summer destination

  • For example if you are traveling in summer and all you plan to do is be at the pool/ beach, there’s no need to carry lots of clothes especially coats. Lol
  • 2. Seats at the plane:

  • with the concept of low costs flight we get to know that airlines charges for everything, every little thing we pay for ( there’s some difference between airlines, so make sure that you read and be informed about it), among these things is seats, for a solo traveler the best thing is not get assigned to any seats, for family I reckon it’s a bit more complicated but if you manage to check in as early as possible you would be fine (except with airlines such as Spirit not sure how they handle families).
  • 3. Accommodation:

  • probably one of the most expensive outcomes in a trip, there’s a ways to make it cheaper.
  • If you’re looking
  • So eventually it’s all up to what you want and need.
  • Remember to search for all the opportunities to save money: Couch Surfing , Work Away,

  • Houses Exchanging, flights to anywhere.
  • Currently traveling the USA, at the moment in NOLA 😊

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