How to summarize a month off your daily routine?

Been to 3 states, 3 cities and one United State of America

Managed to workout more than I thought

First stop | Baltimore: Mila Grace, Abir, Ben, Libby, Frank and Tara that made sure to make fun of me everyday.

Very personal, emotional and extremely sweet 😊 so blessed to have you all in my life ( you to Tara)

Nola- one of the best places I’ve been to, it’s the combination between music, weather, nice people (very welcoming), and couple of friends from Colorado (Misty & Dan) and was fortunate to listen to the best guitar player, according to the dude sitting next to me at the Jazz Fest mentioned.

The craziest thing is that I booked the flight after 2 hours of thinking about it and I wasn’t aware that there is a Jazz Fest at the same time I’m going.(no I didn’t google it, I’m driven to the places I visit)

NY- 4th time in this magnificent city, and guess what? It’s not that magical anymore, especially for someone that happened to be in a lot of different places.

I’ve learned a lot of stuff about myself and how I reflect in my own eyes and mind:

Wherever I’ll be I fit in (most of the time).

Some of the funniest things that people (completely strangers) said to me or happened in this month:

1. You’re too young to like old stuff

2. Are you from India?

3. You have a poker face!

4. You’re from morocco, right?

5. R u Egyptian (with an Egyptian accent)?

6. Being in the swamps with alligators- keeping cool even after our captain said we’re stuck and waiting for someone for the rescue!

7. People start talking to ya even while you have your headphones on, listening to loud music 😅

There’s still a lot for me to see out there, meet new people and connect.

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