What is my Greatest Fear?


I would probably say being fully myself, to let go of everything, be the greatest person I can, an enormous one. It seems that we are build and taught to be average, to think in a systematic way that we need a job from 9-18, as employees working for someone else and it get awkward when you still go to your workplace while not liking the job, complaining every day and sometimes not liking even your Colleagues, so you have to wonder why would we do so?

Well, one of the answers would be because we are told that we have to, this is life!

It sounds a bit off but if you feel that you dislike your job, the company and your colleagues you need to reconsider it if it’s the best place for you.

3 years ago I decided to challenge my life, it seemed like I had a bug that kept saying that this isn’t the life for me and should have one, and to be honest I had it 2 years after I started working in a full-time job as it would be like so, I started traveling every 3 months each time for a week – 10 days and every time it felt like this is what I want, I should put all my energy to get it as a lifetime.

I have a plan to make it happen to try to let go of all the obstacles, principles and keep my mind open, excepting all what the universe is giving me and making sure that my mind is on this.  

Your mission: Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear. Karen Salmansohn

we just need to remember that we are the ones who decide about their own lives and we should do whatever it takes to make the best out of it!

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