How to Communicate with Locals While Traveling

One thing that you notice while traveling is that there’s difference in the way people communicate locally.

Coming from a place that whatsapp is the major communication app, to realize it’s not the same everywhere.

  • Japan – they have their own communication app – Lane. So imagine landing in Tokyo and trying to communicate with friends that asked me to download Lane and send them my user
  • So I did.

    USA- not sure if it’s correct and right for all this country but this is what I experienced. The majority preferred txt message and it was the best way for them. For me it’s a bit hard to adjust because I teaches myself to rely on WiFi and that made me less accessible than usual. So while traveling consider buying a local sim if you’re into communication 😅

    Europe- again it’s according to my experience. It was mainly whatsapp and you can see me smiling for not needing to adjust.

    China- haven’t been there yet and I already here they have an app that they make everything with- WeChat. Can’t wait to get to China and try it.

    So, Thinking that the world look similar I finally managed to find something different in the way we prefer to use communication and social media apps.

    In my opinion in order to travel and meet local people I need to learn more about the places I’m visiting regarding communication apps and for sure to adjust more smoothly.

    The minute we accept change is part of our daily lives we will manage to get more from our day.

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