15 Years Old Sharing Her Thoughts

Life is a fascinating roller-coaster ride, unknown, surprising, scary, and a lot more other things.

But, life is a onetime thing. You have to take this opportunity seriously, use it wisely, have fun, be crazy, be spontaneous, be the one you are born to be.


Start your own fire, create your own ambitions, be a dreamer, build your opinion and vision, be down to earth, fight for yourself.
Live according to your rules, not the rules others put for their game, you have your very own game, improve it, live it.
Fall, learn from your failure.


Create something big from your ambitions, prove yourself to yourself, prove that you can do anything you want to do because you are strong, you are a creator, you are unique, you can and you will.


Sama in the rain

You have to be positive, have faith in yourself, be yourself, love yourself, allow yourself to be crazy, put a target, start stepping towards it, and you will succeed.



Hey guys, I’m Sama Agbariya, 15 years old girl, basketball player. I am a social girl.
I love movies, music, writing, reading and traveling.

I will be writing for the website; I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

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