Why do I need to Travel More?

Lately, I’ve been struggling in my life, not sure what I should do or where to go, I come to my darkest point (as a grownup), I was all about excuses:

How to avoid dealing with myself just to realize I’m dropping followers on Instagram since there’s nothing to keep them entertained and to be honest it didn’t make me make a move, and sure social media has a big effect on my life but what really matters for me (after all) was my relationships with family, friends and mostly with myself. 

It came to a point that I was losing me; I wasn’t investing in me and I was in a mood of indifference. I couldn’t care about anything when I knew I care about everything!


So, how did I manage to get myself out of this place?

My first answer would be focusing on my traveling – not just because traveling gives a chance to breathe, just imagine you are underwater and you’re focusing on one thing! To get to the top so you can breathe, it’s a relief, I’m still alive I can make it and that’s what’s traveling is for me – it gives me the opportunity to focus on what I want, yet it’s a temporary solution I need to look deeper into my soul.


Natalie in the great barrier reaf


To make a major change and it hit me that some of the side effects of solo traveling are taking charge and being in control, I am the boss of my life I choose where to go and what to eat and that’s what was needed. So, I sit down and had a few moments with myself and discussed  with my closest friends and family about my thoughts and feelings (I believe that feeling every emotion is important) and during those meetings I realized I’m already building a plan, knowing what I should do by focusing on 3 important things for me:


  1. Workout

    natalialz working out
    Well, for me it’s the best thing to sit my mind on track, the need to move and to make my body ready for every mission I plan to send him to, and in a way to enjoy the side effects of calming the system – it’s my job to be fit and clearing my mind adding to it the correct food I should have I’m making sure that I’m controlling my life.

  2. Upgrading myself daily

    clouds and tress
    The minute I saw the plan I needed in my mind I knew that  what’s needed is hard work, I need to upgrade me daily by reading more, make all my tasks and all the things I committed to no way I’m letting go, no way I’m not doing what is needed, I believe in me in a way that I can do it. I will ask for help and guidance if needed, I will dig myself out of every hole and make sure that every day I’m taking a step forward to reach my goal.

  3. Put some strategies

    It’s easy to be dragged to some darker place, to be sucked to negative thoughts and emotions and having a strategy will set me on course on the right direction, since it will make me build a plan knowing that I should face this and yet if I’m committed to working out and eating right I can beat it, and as long as I’m staying away from negative people I’m going to reach my goal.

So, for me traveling is a proof of what I’ve been achieving in the last 3 years, that sometimes I lose control but as long as I’m loyal to myself and keep all other voices off and making sure that I only hear my inner voice, and if for any reason there’s a noise preventing me from hearing it all I need is to book a flight for my next destination.


Never stop Believing in yourself and always be your best advocate

:I’m dropping followers onentertained

Be my companion while traveling

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