Our Daily Job and Hiking is there any Connection?

Have you ever wondered why do we always look at athletes in such an admire? Why when Usain Bolt broke every human record we went nuts and I’ll try to avoid talking about Michael Phelps– a legend by all means.


So, what makes us quote these unique athletes and keep track of them and how are they affecting our daily job or life in general?

Well, I will start by sharing a story about my traveling, in each and every country I’ve been to I had one main enemy – The Stairs! No matter what shape I was in, every time I saw the stairs my heart missed a beat. I never search and lookup how hard is the track I’m going to, after all, it’s not the Everest and as far as I know I’m in an O.K shape that can take me everywhere and most important I have a drive in me that in the minute I set my mind into something I go ahead and do it. So, back to the stairs – first steps always light and causal, I can still breathe properly and I can make fun or take a picture or 2, somewhere halfway from reaching the top my fears kick in:

“what did you think?”, “why can’t you find a different way that will get you to the top?” ext.

And I manage to overcome this every time by reminding myself that there’s no clock here and I can my take time and secondly: I will be rewarded the minute I step on top of the stairs and that drive makes me keep going, I encourage myself all the way up/ down.

And why am I telling this story about stairs and hiking and how is it related to our career?

The way I see the life it’s all about the challenges we get through, we hear lots of motivations speeches, lots of people quoting great people just to realize that on hiking, riding the bike or jogging for 1 mile would be our reference to life since we experience all struggles and happy moments in one place: the struggle of going up (and surprisingly going down too) and to be happy when we achieve the top or get to our finish line just like in life.

Travel the world

During my travels as I said I face stairs and realize each and every time that I lose faith for a while just to remind myself that I can do it and most importantly I have a commitment to myself to always keep going and make sure I’m taking myself to the next level because each time I make it I gain more confidence and more motivation.

Natalie in the great barrier reaf

So back to the athletes that we like to see them break records and going beyond everything and achieving all their goals so we can remind ourselves that this is their day job and they make everyday count. And we the ones who quote these people and lookup for them miss that we are given the same chance we just need to look at it differently.</mark>

Could be that not everyone is a hero in his day job but the minute we step out of our place, we will see that we are the ones sitting behind the wheel and we can shift our life to wherever we want in order to have it as we want it. Just go for a long walk and set your mind free.

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