How to be Grateful for Everything in Life?

We often wonder how life was in the past, how did people use to live here! How was their relationship? And did they enjoy their life?

So, some of the answers we can have from reading a book or two, maybe a blog but we for most definite, we can live it ourselves by going out there and explore our world, explore the different cultures, taste the food and just enjoy our day and life.

Growing up I used to watch a children series were my beloved character used to ‘disappear” without any notice, everybody would know he went traveling but no one talks about it (at least not on the one I watched). So, the way I see it was the first time I was introduced to traveling in my subconscious, but it took me a while till I was ready for it, this made me believe more than anything in the saying: everything happens to us when we’re ready for it. Universe has it’s own way into getting us to be ready for something, that the way we should never compare ourselves with others because each has their own journey to walk and take each face different struggles and in the end, we all get to our destiny.

See faith is something I carry with me to all my travels, it’s important for me in a way I can’t explain – the decision of traveling solo isn’t easy yet for me, it was, it comes to me after planning for a year few travels with different friends, the way I see it it’s kind like I give faith and trusted others and not myself, until that year I never thought of traveling solo, I even wasn’t familiar with the expression yet,

the situation got me to a place where I kept thinking over and over and over about traveling and how stupid I feel now that I waited for others to join me when clearly I wasn’t their priority, I decided to go ahead and book my a flight it was November 2015 and the first destination would be visiting my sister, January is our birthday and it would be nice if we could celebrate it together,

so I booked the flight for January 18 and on my birthday I traveled to Chicago to watch the NBA game since I’ve made a decision and a promised  myself to go out there and start making my dreams come true, nothing could stop me from achieving what I wanted except myself, and that’s not going to happen anymore and since that day I’ve been to – Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Antalya, Sofia,  Sydney, Cranes, Malborne, Gold Cost, Oakland, Hobbiton, Perth, Paris, London, Manchester, Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, Istanbul,  Iceland, Tokyo, Kyoto, New Orleans  Corfu and there will be more this year.

Seeing the list of places, I’ve been would makes me thankful, grateful and feel the blessed for 2015 and for the “dissepiment” I had who termed out to be the best thing that happened to me.

Each city left something in me, each city made me grow in a way but the 2 cities that affected me the most, and I would probably call them my best, are New Orleans and Iceland, those are top 2 and they are so because of the feeling that I had was different, they weren’t the first places I traveled solo to, but they were after I’ve been used to traveling solo and used to what was waiting for me, and for sure the companions I had in these two cities add it a lot to my journey and I’m grateful for everyone I met during my journeys. Traveling solo gave me lots of confidence, made me feel that I’m not alone that all these thinking about make a change and doing something different is not just my thoughts, a lot of people share the same with me and it’s about time that we will get universal without borders or maybe a few of them.

You probably wonder how could I in 3 years, travel to all of these places considering I’m coming from the holy land (Israel) where life is expensive? My answer would be I’ve happened to change my workplace in June 2016 and it just happened to be that my new workplace encourage people to go traveling and I made a decision to myself that a place that can’t embrace the way I choose my life would not be the place to stay in. So, I managed to have an agreement to go and travel every 3 months for week-10 days, and during the holidays I can expand it to a month – in a way that it was another dream coming true and eventually I keep achieving everything I wanted and proving that I should raise my standards one more time.

When you travel a lot you feel like you need to share it with others, that there’s more to see out there and people and women in particular should go out with no hesitation – open their heart and fall in love with our world and be grateful for everything we have in our lives.

My advice to other female travelers would be to not be afraid, to take the first step, sure it could be scary and you’re probably would be anxious in the beginning but once you take the first step you would invite blessing and confidence and don’t worry about being alone or stepping out of your comfort zone it’s the way we grow when it happens and if you are anything like me, you would probably be booking your flight right now!


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