When it comes to food I’m fearless!?

During my traveling I look out for the traditional dish, I think each and every country should have one! It’s well known that people also travel in searching for food every now and then, and there’s a lot of tv shows where they look and research local, traditional food.

My first food post is about the cheese fondue in Switzerland.

I must say for a very weird reason just when I landed in Switzerland I heard about it. My friend kept yapping about it and that if we’re here we should taste one. I was like mm ok, I can try it, what could go wrong with cheese?after all I do eat cheeseburgers, cheesecake it’s not my favorite, I’m not a big fan of it, but cheese is eatable.


During my travel in Switzerland I started noticing the tools and everything involved in fondue, thinking to myself it’s a big deal how could I miss it?!, after all there Switzerland is a special dairy land and not just for chocolate (which is a different issue I had).

So, we set a date for a fondue dinner and my friend asked me to eat light, since it’s a bit heavy. I went a long with it.

Our day started in a chocolate factory, then we went to a castle in Gruyères where I started smelling it, the cheese is a very fatty one!

How can I smell fat cheese?, easy just go visit Switzerland it’s everywhere!

We ended up in a small town in France, that is extremely close to Switzerland and they serve it. Of curse every one is ordering this dish, and the smells are unavoidable. We sat down ordered for 2 (there’s a weird thing about this dish where you’re obligated to order at least for 2 and the price is shown for one, why not showing the price for 2 from the beginning since no one can order for less than 2, it seems easier to calculate if there’s more than 2 people), back to the story.. we got our order, lots of bread!

By Rawda

The smell was familiar, I’ve been smelling it all day long and now I can see it too.

At that moment I had my break, told my friend not to get disappointed, but I don’t think I can eat it (in a way this sentence kind killed it for me), I’m going to try it, but seeing all the oil around it and the smell got into me in a weird way.

So I had three bits of it and then apologized and ordered a fish instead (that was terrible), my friend got disappointed because I didn’t like it since she was excited about it all day long.

My conclusion is, I will need a few times to try it until I like it. Next time, I’ll work on myself with the smelling issue.

And still, I’m proud of myself for trying another new thing and experienced it in how locals do!

Wait for my next one.. I’ve a lot of places, trying different things.

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