What is needed for hiking as an average person with an average shape?

There’s a lot of places you can go hiking and enjoying nature, Norway was my first official destination for that. My motivation was a photo, a photo of someone standing on the Trolltunga and Kjerag that made me wanna go for it, without checking much, I just booked a flight!

So after hiking those two, what was needed to do it is:

1. Boots

Extremely important, you will be walking in them for hours and they should be comfortable. Waterproof is needed to, since you can never know what are the conditions out there and it might be ice/ water that you could step on. The funny story that the first time I tried to buy hiking boots, but not with the best quality and that was a bad idea, since they weren’t comfortable and I couldn’t walk much in them so ended up upgrading myself with Tecnica and so far I’m happy. I’ve choose them because I wanted a long one and not very expensive (in my hometown they cost something like 171$)

2. Jacket

During the hiking I used 2 of them (and having 2 layers of long shirts) Colombia is my favorite brand, because they are pretty cool and synthetic so, it was the best and they were just the best answer for my Trolltunga one and. In the second hike I asked for a different jacket because it was snowing and I didn’t want to ruin my ski jacket (Thinking of the sweat )

3. Pants

I checked with a lot of travelers and hikers, and I decided to stay with what I have. 3 jogging pants- 2 from Nike and one from Under Armour and didn’t need more than 2 in Trolltunga yet in kjerag I needed 3 and thought I might need another one since it will get to -5 and will be snowing. It wasn’t a good decision, since the feeling was that my right thigh is burning and that made me be slower than usual and I couldn’t wait to get to the top to move it and “breathe” in a way)

4. Hat/ ears cover

Extremely important when you’re hiking to be aware of the weather, if it’s cold or a hot day, because protecting your head is important as the rest of your body, you can’t just neglect it. In cold you will automatically do it because you’re looking to warm every single thing and cover it. In hot weather we tend to forget about the sun and it might get us headaches so, carry it with you and use when needed

5. Gloves

In cold weather it’s essential to have it, otherwise your hands will be your Achilles ankle and that is not wanted! In my Kjerag hike someone got her gloves wet and needed desperately another pair because it was hard for her to move her fingers and she felt really bad so, you don’t want to experience that.

So, eventually hiking is doable, there’s some places we need to be ready for them in order to hike, because weather changes and they demand different level of shape.

But don’t let that stop you from reaching the top, exploring and looking for adventures.

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