Why aren’t we all going to be digital nomad?

In a way you would expect everyone to go nomad, it seems like the new best thing to do.. so why aren’t we all doing it?

Here are some of the reasons why not everyone is jumping into it:

  1. Stability

In a way we got use to looking for stability so, when we find one we don’t let it go. In a way stability is safety.

2. Not sure where to begin

For most of us it’s not that easy to start something from scratch, it’s almost like a bungee jump it’s terrifying.Just think about the last time you started something new, different and with a bit of a risk.

We often feel clumsy and clueless. We prefer to get a guide book or to avoid anything that makes us uncomfortable and anxious.

3. Discipline

Being nomad demands lots of discipline and self awareness. Everything is up to you. All the focus is on you. Whether you are tired or not you have to pall yourself in your darkest moments and make it happen.

Discipline is the key word for lots of things in our lives, and is knowing for what is needed to be successful. So why aren’t we all discipline?

4. Comfort Zone

Is something that make us relaxed and comfortable. No need to over think it, feeling safe, knowing every aspect of your day even if it’s boring still better than going to an adventure.

  • 5. Lonely

  • As a digital nomad most likely there will be a time you feel lonely. Being in a new place, knowing no one and all you have is yourself for a company and that alone could be scary.

    So, each will live the life wanted and desired as long as we are ready to pay the price that is needed.!

    If it was easy everyone would do it, I hear it over and over. Just to realize that’s so true..>

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