How to Survive Politics at WorkPlace?

It’s so weird that we are sure in 100% that politicians are only living in a political environment and platform when actually any place involving more than 3 people already is a political platform.

So, how is it possible to adjust to that in unorthodox ways, well there are a few things you can adopt:


barak obama


1. Be yourself It doesn’t matter if you’re good or the best, being yourself will make it easier to survive for the long-term, because it will reduce the need to lie or not be authentic.



2. Keep learning The need to stay up to speed is a necessity when it comes to the new world we’re living in. Technology speeds up our lives and every now and then we have a new thing to learn and that will make sure that we’re counted.

reading a newspaper


3. A problem solver – Try to solve problems and not only to mark them out, in this way you will be valuable to your workplace without the need to get your hand on this “dirty” world and will keep you in the safe.



4. Be flexible Life teaches that it could change in the split of a second and the one that can adjust the fast will survive.

In a way, it seems like our lives are about survival, although there’s a place for everyone and if we leave it to nature it knows how to fix itself. Yet as humans we always like to complicate things and try to stop the flow instead of merging into it.



So, how we can adjust to the political platform in the workplace is by following the 4 points as suggested and adding to it the need to be there, because the minute we’re not there completely it’s better to move on to the next adventure.


Note: I like looking at issues from a different angles, in order to widen my perspective and make an impact.

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