5 Things you Need to Know About makloubeh

It’s not a secret that Arabian cosine is one of the best out there, and diversity is one of his strongest points since it’s depending on the region and country.

This time we will be focusing on Palestinian cosine and the dish that I’ve chosen is one of my favorite: makloubeh.


So, what’re 5 things to know about makloubeh

  1. It got the name from the need to serve it after you flip it – meaning that what’s up is now down and what’s down is now up (even Pirates of the Caribbean’s understand it >>)
  2. Rice is the mean ingredients in the Palestinian cosine and as expected is on this dish to
  3. Vegetables – This is where you will start seeing a different dish because even in tiny Palestine there’s a different vegetable add it to the rice and being cocked with, the common ones are:
    • Eggplant
    •  Potatoes
    • Carrot
    • CauliflowerGrenadians
  4. Meat – As expected (or not), this is a part that is in most regions in Palestine is a must and you have to options:
    1. Add the meat at the end and it won’t be cocked as part of the dish, it would be cocked separately
    2. Part of the dish – it would be cocked with all the ingredients and as part of it

And you probably wondering why there’s 2 option, well the effect is about the aroma, in one

Will taste the have all spices on the meat to or you can add different spices to the meat, and as
expected when it comes to food is the Aroma and the taste you get and what you love the most

  1. Spices these days you will find spices as a package that you can buy and wouldn’t need to figure it out, yet you have to pay attention that it will affect the taste as we said before and sometimes putting different spices could get you to a better result
    • Pepper
    • Salt
    • English spices





Eventually, when it comes to food, you can get the recipe from your mum or grandma and this is how you keep it for generation and make sure it survives, but you can always keep a place for trying new things since it’s the way that we got diversity and different options to choose from.

So, we need to keep tasting and trying different things and remembering that when it comes to food there’s a soul involved in it and you need to put it into it.


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