5 Things you Need to Know About Security in Airports

When we book a flight, we mostly think about how will we enjoy our time and have the best.

The one issue we all try to avoid in our mind is security- the first time I remember being offended in an airport was in London Heathrow airport where women were asked to take off their choice and for me, it was upsetting, yet before starting a scandal I remembered where I’m from and therefore did what is needed.

Since I’ve been in different countries and many airports, I can tell you a few inputs

  1. Stay cool

  • Security often can be stressful, some security will look pretty tough and some will go upset or in best case indifference and that could set some issues sometimes. As if the first job of security is to test our patience, but we should remind ourselves it’s not the case and it’s just people doing their job and they are responsible for keeping everyone safe (this is the best version that I like to think about).
  • girl with laptop
    1. Domestic flights

  • This is when you truly understand how airports look like, you only need 90 minutes in advanced. Security won’t be an issue, because there’s a “trust” among locals or when you travel locally.laptop
    1. Carry On

  • Carrying a drone must be in your carry on- and you should take the battery off because it’s forbidden and is not allowed on the baggage. It’s simply treated as a laptop and therefore you have to put them both in your carry on.girl
    1.  Efficiency

  • If there’s an award for efficiency I would think Japan would win it. I’ve only been to 20 countries and most of them are “First” world country and can say for sure, that when landed in Tokyo I felt that Japan as known is an efficient country and would do it even when it comes to security and would help if needed to explain what’s needed instead of standing on the side and not offering any help.wa
    1. Flights to USA / Tel Aviv

  • Will try to avoid the need to discuss September 11, yet it did effect our lives. Both USA and Israel feel threatened and will ask for extra security check before departing, therefore take it into consideration when you fly to these countries especially if you are traveling from a third world country – because they will do 2 security check because they are not to be trusted.
  • Security is known as the second thing humans will look for according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, therefore we all understand anything will be asked for in the name of “security” and especially if we’re into traveling. We will answer any question and give every detail needed even if it’s not necessary or making any sense.


    Can you share your own experience with security in your last flight?



    Started writing this post while passing by security in Baku, flying to NYC and security checked me twice and insisted that I open my computer, didn’t recognized my drone and Gopro camera. I imagined how funny it gets, especially when it’s the first time I’ve been asked about my drone.

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