5 Reasons to Travel During Christmas

This year was a bit different to me since I’ve been doing some things I never had done and, in a way, I took myself one huge step towards my goals and ambitions. I’m not calling it dreams because I made sure that my dreams are my reality, therefore I could let myself travel during holidays season and it was thanking to cheap flight ticket I found to NYC.

There’s lots of reason we should travel during Christmas, my top 5 would be



It’s considered as the main reason almost for everything we usually do, yet at Christmas for communities that rarely meet, it’s important to be with your loved ones during Christmas. For some of us it could be close friends for others it would be a biological family. In my opinion, the definition isn’t important yet the magical feeling that we’re surrounded by people who love us.family sitting next to the tree

The atmosphere

During Christmas, cities would go up and beyond to be the most beautiful city in the world. These days it’s extremely important how a city looks like during Christmas and how it shows on Instagram. You see there’s no difference between people and communities or cities, everyone wants to be in his best.

snow at night


One of the reasons Christmas is one of the most magical holidays is due to the snow, and how it’s merging with all the lights and the Christmas tree. Although not everywhere it’s snowing during this time like Australia it’s summer over there 😊.

snow ball
Aaron Burden


Hot chocolate and cold

In most places, it’s extremely cold during this season and the offers for hot chocolate is beyond majors and I would consider having a contest for the best one out there and you would be surprised of the winners, yet as a traveler, it’s plus to get warm and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

hot chocolate
Anuja Mary Tilj


when I travel I love taking pictures of different objects and just of thinking how my feed would look like get me into it, it’s enough to look at the photos on your smartphone to realize how beautiful it looks and how we’re addicted to lights, trees, and the atmosphere during this season.


During these times try to enjoy and absorb the love that coming there, try to spread one of your own and to give for those that are less fortunate than us, because in the end it’s about gratitude and grateful for what we have and to know how to appreciate it. To appreciate the people in our lives and what we have is the most motivating for being and exciting. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Travel During Christmas

  1. Dear nataly every time you write about something, you make me feel like i’m my self having the experience, by your pictures and through your words. Keep the good work and keep inspiring us


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