5 Reasons to Practice Yoga While Traveling

Traveling to the east coast of the USA during Christmas granted me a magical time especially because I got the opportunity to be with my baby niece and experience Christmas with her for the first time.

So, as a traveler, I try to keep up with yoga because:

  • Keeps you in shape

  • One of the best ways to keep your body in shape that will allow you to continue traveling and keep being healthy.
  • two women practicing yoga
  • bruce mars
  • Keeps you focused –

  • Yoga, in my opinion, is a meditation where we connect with our body. Being able to speak to each other and keep our mind focused on things that matter to us.
  • practice
  • Erik Brolin
  • Keeps you calm –

  • Meditation has lots of faces one of them is yoga since we are in our zone even if surrounded by a lot of people, practicing yoga will make you start your day the best way possible.
  • practicing yoga
  • Dane Wetton
  • Socially will let you meet the locals –

  • If you’re new to the town and would like to get social, yoga classes are the best. You get to meet different people from different backgrounds and now all you have to do is approach in a good way, don’t be creepy.
  • 3 women having a talk
  • bruce mars
  • Abir Yoga Academy –

  • In my last trip to the East coast and practiced in one of Abir’s classes, it was tough and in a way challenging yet I enjoyed because it made me take myself a far as I can yet don’t feel any pressure and when I couldn’t do a posse Abir relaxed me and said yoga is ongoing practice just keep it going and at the end, you will do it. if you want to learn more and start practicing click here >>

    So, saying all that get me into being able to keep traveling, avoid sickness and meeting new people.

    I urge you to join any yoga practice while traveling even if it’s for s short period.

    Abir is my young sister and I’m so proud of her accomplishment and thought this is the best way I can cheers her.

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