How to Survive a 10 Hours Flight When you’re Sick?

So, how we usually survive a 10 hours flight? basically by sleeping most of the time

I start by booking the window seat because it’s easier this way to lay my head and fall asleep

And not be bother me with the need to go to the toilet every now and then.

After securing this, I will head to the next step when giving the chance I will inform the flight attended not to wake up when food is served (in my last flights there was a way to notice the craw about it by sticking a tag on my seat). In the last 2-3 hours, I would usually watch a movie or read a book.

It was a good plan until I got on the plane flying from JFK to Baku sick!

It was a nightmare in a way, I couldn’t find the best position and I was in pain

I was in sore, and coughing nonstop, it was bad in every way and it was the first time I felt like that.

When I realized that this is how I would have to spend my next 10 hours, feeling weak, sore and coughing in a full plane with no space to myself with no pills to help (usually I don’t take pills because I haven’t been sick for a long time now)

I decided that I have to stick to the plan and do my best to sleep, and seating next to me was a really cool dude, very nice it was a comfort in a way.

screens on planes
Suhyeon Choi

You can imagine how bad was this flight to me, I slept for 5 hours and didn’t know how to handle the next 5, started watching a movie, can’t recall the name because it wasn’t that good and entertainment was suffering from a lack of option and therefore I ended up watching a cartoon movie (don’t get me wrong I love watching cartoons, I just was interested in new movies and diversity but we survive with everything we can get) and food was served, now this is a new thing to me but when you get to travel a lot in one year and already not feeling good all the sudden food looks like your enemy and that was stressful in different level like me afraid of tasting food??? Shocking and disappointing, yet I was comforted that it’s only airplanes food and most of the time it’s bad and I ended up sharing my food (you should look how was surprised of myself and prude) the nice dude, he was overwhelmed I don’t think it happen before and I felt good for the first time in this flight and after half an hour I started suffering from a headache and looking at the time I had left it showed 4 hours and I was like freaking out OMG it’s only all of this happened and it’s been just one hour! Are you kidding me? How do people survive this?

Well, what can I tell you I went to the toilet and vomited the food that was served my headache was getting worse, felt like I’m going to explode soon and for the first time in my adult life I asked for a pain killer and at that moment was surprised that they don’t have it on the plane but after I landed it made sense that they wouldn’t hand me any pain killers because it’s a drug after all and no one can take responsibly for this situation.

So, you must be wondering how did it end up? Well, I forced myself to go back and try to sleep for at least another 2 hours and try to calm myself that my next should be just 2 hours and clearly I was wrong to think that my second flight would be just 2 hours instead of 4, but what can I tell you? That sometimes it’s ok to live in an illusion and try to sell a ferry tail t yourself in order to survive because it would help you to get to the next step and be able to finally say that when I get back home I would go to bed and sleep it off just to realize that sleeping it off would take 3 days with no food or water just being in bed and sleeping, and I should be grateful that I didn’t have any fever or something like that.

a woman sleeping in bed sick

And that fox is how you get to lose weight without “working out”.

This situation got me to be more grateful for my ability to sleep in long flights and understand those who can’t and realize the suffering they handle and trying to think of ways that would be helpful for them.

Not sure that I know all the answers to this, but since I believe that it’s all about our mindset and how we can be mentally ready for each and every situation would suggest that:

  1. Get tired before your flight
  2. Have one on one discussion with yourself and say it as you mean it that you’re going to sleep on the next flight
  3. Try not to eat much
  4. Avoid thinking about comfortability
  5. Relax and go to sleep

Anyways there’s no perfect solution and everyone would handle it differently and getting to know what works for you would be you writing down what helps you to fall asleep, it could be you flaying at nights and your body would do the rest for you and if you end up staying up try to enjoy that when traveling long distance you get to see how in a second you move from light to dark or from dark to light because of the time difference and so.



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