5 Places I would Like To visit Today

2019 was the busiest year of my life, I traveled 6 times to different places, it started with Japan, Baden Baden, New Orleans, Corfu, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Baltimore and New York and the tickets were mostly not expensive and in some, I had a good deal. Therefore, my expectation got high and I started thinking where else I would like to visit and managed to reduce it to 5 places:


South Africa 

This content fascinates me in such a way and makes me dream about the perfect pictures I can have. The culture is rich beyond my imagination and every video I see from other travelers makes drool with a smile. Moving to the animals and dreaming of holding a lion cube and watch the Cheetah starting the sprint and that without mentioning all the other attractions and places that are a must. learn more >>

2 cheetah
Roberta Doyle



It’s been on my mind now for ages and the main reason would be the cliffs and the landscapes that are Ireland’s well-known view. The history of this place would draw me to go there and walk in the streets and get the feeling of life out there. Have I told that I adore the Portuguese language. learn more >>


Ireland cliffs
Steije Hillewaert



Ok, this would take a lifetime to explore, to enjoy this country that manages to affect our lives without us knowing about it. Between the wall and rice fields, between the digital life to villages that suffers from poverty. The funny thing that I can think about is how will I manage without Facebook and Google 😊. and I haven’t mentioned the Panda yet, one of my most loved animals that I would like to cuddle. learn more >>


a man in a river
Sam Beasley



In the last few months, I’ve been talking to myself mainly about this place, listening to the samba that is trying to make me get loose and enjoy the music, the beaches, the famous Jesus statue and all of that without addressing the jungles, amazon river or the culture. Be honest and say it’s on your bucket list too. learn more >>


Robert Nyman



Not sure if it’s on my bucket list because there’s a chance that it’s disappearing every minute and the day that it will be gone is coming fast or is it the opportunity to be able to watch the polar bear that looks so fluffy and sweet that is losing his house and is suffering from the climate change. The funny thing is I’m not sure how will I survive the cold. learn more >>

Torsten Dederichs


Bali – Indonesia
Well, I’ve been thinking about this destination just from all the picture that travelers are posting and showing the view from there pools and taking a ride on the swings, the funny things would be seeing all the pictures in real life and the pictures that were made for the Instagram that gives a bit of reality check how travels put some adjustments before they upload their pictures. Unfortunately, I can’t visit solo and it will be only available with a group. learn more >>

swing in bali
Christopher Alvarenga


There are a lot of places I want to visit and explore not sure yet where will I end up, I would advise you to follow my Instagram account @nataliealz. For sure it’s going to be a blast and if you have a suggestion I should take into consideration please write it down and I will check it out.


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