Travel a Way of Life

There’s something about traveling that can sometimes take your breath away, which can make you feel like the queen of this world which made me try to go back to the first time I traveled. I remember that I was a bit anxious since it was the first trip for me without my mom and dad, I was in the 7th grade and I joined a group traveling to Egypt to attend a computer course. I can assure you that back then I had no interest in computers, for me it was merely an opportunity to go on a trip to one of my favorite places in the World!


unsplash-logoFlying Carpet
Flying Carpet

We traveled by bus and the time wasn’t a factor, all I wanted was to be part of the trip and to be there. I traveled with my younger sister whom I was supposed to be in charge of, which made it my first trip as a responsible adult, in a way.

I remember reaching the Egyptian border at 6:00 a.m. and the border wasn’t opened yet so we sat down waiting and it’s amazing how as kids we used to entertain ourselves and how it was a cruel lesson, with no cellphones or any distraction all we got is each other and in a way, it framed me and maybe prepared me to travel solo.

Back to Egypt, can’t tell how amazing it is to visit one of the major Egyptian symbols the Pyramids. Close your eyes and try to imagine the old Egypt: The Nail, Pyramids, and meeting Nefertiti, it’s fascinating and being able to be there to chick my bucket list before having a list.  Click here to visit the Pyramids >>

unsplash-logoSpencer Davis
Spencer Davis


Have you ever wondered when did you start traveling? And how did it affect your life? I used to think that my desire and passion to travel came on late, ignoring every element that suggested otherwise. It’s not just the passion or desire in a way it shaped my ability to travel solo. Our subconscious works in mysterious ways, having the trip to Egypt as something to remember that was preparation for my first solo trip and while it took me approximately 20 years to do so, it was worth it. More about Australia >>

I’ve flirted with Australia for a long time before landing in Sydney’s airport, the waiting was full of agony but I needed to do it on my own terms and one of the benefits that I had by traveling for distant places is the ability to go exploring and opening my eyes and my heart widely as if it was my last breath in doing so.


unsplash-logoDavid Clode
David Clode


It was so magical that I wanted to share it with everyone yet to keep it to myself realizing that when people say live the moment they mean to be present where you are, not to worry about others or what they might be doing and traveling alone gave me the opportunity to live the moment wherever I am- my heart expands each and every time I go to a place I’ve been dreaming of.


unsplash-logoJack Finnigan
Jack Finnigan

My heart wasn’t blown but it was fuller, I did everything I imagined I would do. Seeing others sharing their traveling experience on social media makes me want to go too and to experience what they did and the more social media becomes part of our lives, the more it feels like a burden, realizing that I decided that I would share part of my traveling experience, the rest I would keep to myself.


unsplash-logoAmarnath Tade
Amarnath Tade


Traveling build and made me the person that I am today, watching the beauty in Iceland or hiking mountains in Norway introduced me to my adventurous side to go hiking, and New Orleans taught me more about company and taking life lightly and in Japan, I knew that I can adjust to every place I go to. It’s not about counting the places I’ve been to, it’s about how each and every place shaped me and how I’ve grown up.

It is amazing how traveling affects and marks our lives.

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