Is Hope a Friend of Yours?

You probably heard it before, hope can make you go through hard times, and more…it can give you life. So how come we keep losing it, and give it up so easily? If hope is a game changer, and we all can have it, why do we tend to lose it?

Before we continue this, we should address the question, who is stronger: hope or desperation?

 Let me share I personal story about hope, a year ago I decided to be entrepreneur. Life as entrepreneur is not easy, they are full of upside downs, full of obstacles, yet if you survive it you will succussed at least that what the manual that no body handed said, and as so, I went into the struggles, didn’t have a plan, but I was ready to to go into an adventure, just to realize a month ago that I needed some plane, and while taking to some for opportunity, hope hit me, and I was full of myself, started spending money I didn’t have, and after a week I realized That hope doesn’t exists any more, and fear took over, I’ve realized how stupid I was to count on hope, and in the moment of truth she ditch me, all alone… and for fear I was easy target.. she just handed over… sadness took over.

Take a few minutes or maybe hours and think it through, sometimes it feels like our life is on the stick, on the edge, we are hanging in from a cliff, we are tired and we are thinking of letting go, but something is keeping us, something is holding us and it’s keeping us from falling and crawling in agony. We are not always sure what was it, but the effect on us is huge at that moment, Life Saver.

So how come we tend to lose it? Does fear conquer hope? Those two have big influence on our lives, they tend to shift our feelings, tend to make us miserable or happy with no majors. And it’s not that we are not aware of their existence, we do and we are well aware of our reaction to it, but it’s more like a chemical reaction, the second to material touch each other, reaction happens and we can’t control it…

So, we should try to embrace it, smile and enjoy hope visit, and we need to elevate it to benefit from it, not just enjoy the good feeling.


it’s better to not relay on Hope, just make it happen


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