How many NOs will I HEAR?

It’s been a while since I got back on traveling, and the world hasn’t changed a lot; it just got more expensive. More tests, more declaration another chance to stop you and etc.

I celebrated by BD and decided it was an excellent time to travel, there’s a window that got me the opportunity to enjoy my birthday as I used to, but I forgot a few things.

My focus was on COVID restriction, dealing with it, and doing all the updates I needed?

  1. Insurance
    first thig I didn’t give to much attention was to insurance, when COVID is present, there’s a need to protect your trip, since you plans can get a detour, you get stuck in a place because you tested positive (God forbid) of your flights could be cancelled and so.

  2. Restriction in every country
    it’s hard enough to follow restriction regarding the virus in your own country, now we need to look for this in our destination, which takes the sting out of the story. Yet it’s a must, so you would avoid any complications

  3. Certification  
    these days beside our passport, or more important maybe is our COVID certification, you enter some places with it. Now we might not agree with tis method, but we should we be aware about it, it might change your plans.

  4. Face mask
    OMG, now don’t misunderstand me, it’s great in winter and will keep you warm, but defiantly not convenient to ware for long hours.
  5. Enjoy
    Don’t let all this Corona thing destroy your vacation, and your enjoyment. Try to focus in your inner happy, being joyful at the tough times. After all our life is short

We face a lot of things during our lives. With some, we disagree; with others, we get upset. It’s easy to decide sometimes, but as long as we remember that we are in a good place, to be grateful, we will keep wondering with no purpose, and that is scary.
Remember that humanity always faces challenges and struggles, and at the end of it, it’s up to us how to deal with them. how to keep fighting for our human rights and keep enjoying our lives

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