Why is called the “Lincoln Lawyer”

Anyhow, Netflix’s new show about the “The Lincoln Lawyer” is everything we were looking for

Interesting, get to the point and know how to build up a good story

And we all know how hard is it to find a good story, considering all the amount on our screens

The series is based on the 2008 novel “The Brass Verdict” that tracks the Los Angels criminal defense attorney Michael ‘Mickey” Haller played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo who doing a great job, a reliable one I must say although his gaze doesn’t show any emotions which makes him great for this job

And beside him we can find the great Neve Campbell as his X-Wife and God, we missed you, Neve.

With 10 episodes full of drama, here and there action, and every time we revel in more peace until the last episode with the big Fenella, this isn’t why we are here right?

So why is called “The Lincoln Lawyer”

Well, simply there’s a Lincoln and there’s a lawyer, and is based on the novel that follows the defense Lawyer that rids a Lincoln and usually does his business there, it made sense both for the movies from 2011 with Matthew McConaughey as the defense Lawyer and sure thing is working now for the Netflix Tv show that made us all relish the memory of the past and we sure needed it

So on my scale, it’s highly recommended 8.5/10

Especially for those among us that fancy the Lawyers and every one and while would say “Objection” out loud and with no context at all 😊


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