Is Nomad life suitable for all?

It’s been a while since hearing about working remotely, which developed into a digital nomad. it got me curious and interested for a couple of reasons.

Fast forward to September 2022, for the first time in Tirana there’s a digital nomad festival, that opened my eyes wildly I managed to meet actual people doing it, and it was a great experience that helped me to realize a few things

Is it suitable for all?

Well, that is the good part. from the talks, I had with different nomads from all over, I realized that it’s not necessarily valid for us all, we are different in what we are looking for.

some of us want a house with a white fence, others would like to live in one city for their entire life and others enjoy traveling and going on vacations. so first step would be knowing what we want.

State of Min

And saw how they build a community and grow up 

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