Did I till I’m going to run a half marathon?

Well, ya I will

I decided that I need to appreciate the gifts I was handed to.

Running for long distances isn’t easy, need lots of discipline, commitment, and being able to face your demons.

Usually, I run in my hometown, which doesn’t have running trails or paths, it’s not a big deal considering that others don’t have a sidewalk, so I’m lucky to have one.

I try to be ready for a half marathon by simulating the path, which means combining the city, off-road, and on the streets pretty close to speeding cars – the first attempt was really slow, I was all over figuring out the distance and how safe I need to be, and running off-road was tricky since my love to the cop series and sci and law and order will mess up my mind so I need to reclaim my mind 😅 which made slower

However, it was a great experience, even running to the airport was an adventure since it was only 6.5 km and it took me more than 40 min it got me thinking to think l will miss my flight, so I better hurry up and do the work

Since then I came along and improved some, but still not the result I want.

And what about today’s run, well it was weird running in some areas that were not used to seeing anyone running especially not this early in the morning so I got some surprised faces, a few comments some cheered, and overall was ok.

Now I have to do is repeat it and get stronger to do it faster and get the results I want and keep it safe.


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