Half marathon are you ready for me?

Almost a month away, and I still don’t feel ready for it. Half marathon is not a joke 😅☺️
Every time I think Ih have some progress and I will get better and stronger comes another day crashing me down, just to let me realize that this is part of the game too, to know to accept the “bad” and “good” with love and admiration, respect to the way I’ve been doing so far.

It’s not the piece of cake everyone has been talking bout, a long time ago I realized that my ggrandma walked approximately 30km = 18.5 miles at the age of to seek safety,after she was kicked out of her hometown carrying her baby brother. She managed to get back to her hometown after a while not sure if walking, that will make 60km; ok will mention it if I decide to go for a full marathon 😅
It’s weird in a way, she was forced to do it and I’m doing it willingly, and I will be honest with ya for moments while running it makes my smile, whoever it pushes me on when I feel I’m giving up.
We are different me and my grandma, she got merried at the age of 13 had 9 kids and me?
Well, I took a different approach of life, went the other direction not married no kids, and living my forth decade and hoping to evolve every year, minute and second.
We are different, yet the same
I’m grateful for where I’m today, wishing to keep it on
and since I partnered up with my two friends Reham Mansour and Ranin A. Sh I sure have some obligations and commitments to make.

Wish me health and strength when you see me or whenever you read this or if I hunt you in your dreams 🤣 it does seems like an endless run 🏃‍♀️ sometimes.

Thanks for keeping up


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