Why I’m not jumping for Argentina’s win?

The last time Argentina won the world cup was back in 1986 with the great Diago Armando Maradona, the God for a lot of Argentian, that see football as a religion, so imagine waiting for 36 years to win it back with one of the great players at the moment Lionel Messi that this is the last trophy missing in his career.

But was it Fixed?

Most of the journalists that follow Messi, admire him in such a way that all of them wanted a happy end for him, they wrote that for years as if they demand it.

All of these supporting and loving articles worked as a brainwash for years to make it happen, everybody was convinced that this was Messi’s world cup; Pep Guardiola addressed his Argintian player as a champion a few days before the world cup for example.

Do you have proof?

So far there’s non, it’s all speculations and commends sense. Argentina got a free pass for a lot of wild tackles, penalties that never would be given to other teams and last a red card that being ignored by referee against the dutch.

Yes, I am aware that this is part of the game and no need to stress or raise any flag

So why flags are being raised?

Simply because everyone is looking at Messi as the good Sumerian, when he’s a human being as all of us, his great, talented and mostly had the right people next to him to evolve and become as great as we know him.

And no, I don’t think they did all the work for him, whoever they made the dirty one, they gave hime the right moment and don’t underestimate that, the importance of the people around us are beyond measure.

So as all motivational speakers say choose carefully the people surrounding you, it might take you to the next level or drop you to hell

Just see the difference between Ronaldo and Messi, one is a champion the other is a joke to his colleagues.

Choose carefully as much as possible.


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