how do you make a decision logic or imagination?

It’s been almost two years that I haven’t traveled and after a while I feel I lost my shape on that, ya it could be funny but I think you need to be in shape for traveling. You know, be ready, know all that is needed and these days it’s not just buying plane ticket or booking a hotel/ hostel it’s all about knowing the COVID restriction, pay and full all forms needed and what with the PCR tests!

So, if once it was fun to travel, today it’s not, we are being examined now based on our vaccination weather we had one or not, if not we are banded and sometimes treated as outsiders that not allowed in here, and no I’m not going to convince anyone or make a decision for you, all I’m saying that my logic decided to take action and make me willingly and painfully to give up my chance of traveling for 4 days.

Natalie with her cycling

It should have been the best days in a while, the red sea, desert and calming down but it didn’t go as planned, why you ask? Well, I had my two doses of vaccine and when I planned the trip and booked everything it was according to COVID restriction, but in the meanwhile a third dose got in market and now it changed everything, and so my plans. I was disappointed and furious on myself why didn’t I just planned it correctly? Why am I stubborn?  There’s an explanation to it, my own logic, my own sense to life kicked in, and decided it’s not worth it.

How do I live with it you ask?

First day was really hard, I was down for a while, crying and angry for no reason, bought lot of things to comfort me but there’s no comfort, therefore the best way to deal with it was to write about it, and plan for the next time carefully and ask myself Is this what I want?

It’s not going to be easy, and countries and people are behaving in a weird way, every trip will cost me now as twice it used to cost me, and I’m going to need more money to make it.

This year been the worse so far, I didn’t manage my money right, and I didn’t make the right decision that contribute to me fulfilling my dreams and goals, yet I’m stubborn as I said and I’m going to make it after all. (Finger crossed)

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