Japan in 6 Days – Plan Your Adventure

It Seems That I Have a New Habit, to Travel for Distance for a Few Days. Yes, It Could Be Because I’m Bit Crazy but Mostly Because I Think and Believe That the Minute You Have a Chance You Should Grab It and Make the Best of It.

So, traveling to Japan have been on my mind for a long time, it seems I got my vision how it will look like, probably not as the real thing and yet I’m still mysteriously attracted to a place far away with different language, cultures, and it’s not even my favorite food yet there’s a drive I can’t explain.

So, there’s a lot to see and probably I will need to visit one more time, but I managed to write down a few places I will make my best in order to see.

Snow Monkey

It started when I first saw National Geographic ad’s about different placed in the world, a group of monkeys in a hot spring when a snowfall on their heads, just imagining this view can make me smile and find peace of mind. So surrealistic.

Click here >> to read more about it.


Well, just lately I learned about this new place and to be frank I haven’t discovered it quite well be it got me curious in order to think of changing my path and look for a different place to go and explore it and get to know new things.

Read more about Nara here >>

Fastest train

It called the bolt, since it reaches a high speed and yes not everybody interested in being on the fastest train ever, but I’m not everybody 🙃 and Japan has one of the best train systems in the world and they are well organized in such a way that they offer ways to make it easy for foreign and travelers to travel around the country the best way possible and it’s supposed to have been a good deal and the value for money should have been the best.

Buy your tickets here >>

Mountain Fuji

One of the iconic mountains in the world, to be honest, I have no plans to climb on the mountain or reach them to (at least not this time), yet I will be able to see it and make at least a good cover photo.



The previous capital of Japan, where magnificent tamales are waiting for you, to take you back in time to live a bit of the old magical city, at least that what everybody is saying and talking about. So, I will be more than happy to be there for at least one day.



Since I will be landing and departing from Tokyo and I got my own plan to be in every big city, the capital in this world and so far I managed to do that. Tokyo has her own mysterious nature, she’s considered as one of the best culinary places, with (if I’m not mistaken) big number of Michelin restaurants and that is a promise, although I’m more into local and simple food.

I gathered my information from all over, googled it, read a few articles on different Facebook pages /groups and yet I still feel there’s a lot to get to know and 6 full days will not be enough for most of us, but when you’re well planned and you realize what are your options and you will make sure to make the beat out of it, you will succeed.

Stay tuned 🙃🇯🇵🥰🎉 and follow me on IG for updated photos.


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