Gotham vs The Northman

OK unless it’s entertainment 😊

Anyways here are 2 things one is a big no-no and the other one is a must

Shall we start?

Both recommended and dis is rated with 16+ so be aware it’s full of violence and it’s harsh with the graphic

The Northman

Well, I came to this one with high hopes. I love the Nordic mythology and the Greek and the Egyptian, whoever that’s a different story

Anyways “The Northman” wow, what a lame one – avoid it by all meanings it’s a game of pretending

I look up to the nutrition and the fit program Alexander Skarsgård had to go through for his role worth the admiration, still his Achilles heel. Besides his body, his skills are outnumbered

And his character often stupid in a ridiculous way

On my scale, it’s 2/10

Haven’t you watched Viking movies and tv shows they are supposed to be glories?

Big Like and extremely recommended


Batman assemble that one for you

Finally, we got the chance to meet all Batman’s villains in one place in a way that makes sense

Like the comic I guess

Season 1: is a work of art, all characters are in their best performance, and the queen of all is Jada Pinkett Smith (before the Oscar fiasco) as Fish

The buildup they made in this one was great, every episode is better than the previous one, full of action, full a graphic scenes, and it rated 16+ for violence

The one to be admired though is the Penguin, Robin Lord Taylor is giving one hell of a performance that reminded me a bit of the old penguin by “Danny Devito”

The other character that is being set in a good way is the Riddle wow that is the best I’ve seen in a while

There’re 5 seasons available on Netflix, there long episodes as I said full of action and violence

Watch the 2 seasons so far and I can tell you it’s 9/10

A good story combined with good casting will guarantee the win

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